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Root stimulator: Amino acids as a stimulator of plant roots

Our liquid amino acids and/or amino acids in powdered formpromote good development and growth of plant roots. Our amino acids also promote a better and healthier root system in the plant.

Amino acids root stimulator for plant stress

Amino acids ensure faster recovery of plants after stressful situations such as drought, wind or excessively wet soil situations. Application of fertilisers or treatment of field crops with crop protection products also causes plant stress. You can easily mix our amino acids with these leaf or soil applications and include them in your watering as well.

How exactly do amino acids act in the capacity of root stimulator in plants?

The functioning of amino acids as a root stimulator is a highly complex and comprehensive story and the exact answer to these questions can be found in a variety of biochemistry literature.

We will try to describe it briefly. In living beings (including plants), the 20 standard N-containing amino acids are used to build proteins (and other bio-molecules) and they can be oxidised into energy-rich compounds. In fact, life is not possible without proteins and, therefore, amino acids.

They play a part in all life processes related to maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction. The same applies to plants (plant roots). A plant that receives a proper supply of amino acids in addition to basic nutrition and water will be vital, grow strongly, have a healthy green colour, produce more flowers, have more resistance to diseases and stress and, therefore, higher and better production.

Because all 20 N-containing amino acids are involved in so many essential processes, which are also interdependent in many cases, it is important that the plant has all 20 N-containing amino acids at its disposal. A shortage of one or several amino acids may already limit a chain of processes, just as a chain can break at the weakest link.

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