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Fertilizer specialties

Liquid amino acids - Biostimulant
To make sure that all amino acids stay intact in their original source matter and L-form, we use enzymatic hydrolysis, because in chemical hydrolysis amino acids are being racemized and therefore phytotoxic and undesirable d-amino acids could arise. This kind of amino acids is not desirable in a final product. Our liquid amino acids are available as:
  • Amino Acids Complex ( final product) – more than 15% free amino acids and contains fulvic acids
  • Amino Acids Multi-Trace - contains trace elements and 9% free amino acids
Calcium carbonate with sulfur granulate

BIO Calcigan +S is a well-spreadable granulate of calcium carbonate, pure plaster and sulfur. BIO Calcigran +S is approved in organic farming and is packed in big bags of 600 kilos.

Effective micro-organisms + concentrated seawater

EM + Bio Immunostimulants is a liquid mixture of effective micro-organisms (EM), (also called essential microorganisms) and concentrated seawater extract with a very low sodium content.

Liquid vegetable organic fertilizers

PB Liquids are liquid, vegetable, organic fertilizers that are permitted in organic agriculture and horticulture. The products are also Control Union and USDA certified and included in the Input list for organic farming by FiBL. The PB Liquids are available in the following compositions:


PB Liquid 4-2-8


PB Liquid 5-2-5


PB Liquid 7-2-3


PB Liquid 8-3-1
NPK 13-1-2 - Vegetal organic fertilizer granule

Plant Based Nitro N13 is a nitrogen rich fertilizer derived from fermented molasses (vinasse) and has an NPK ratio of 13-1-2. The nitrogen-rich proteins are extracted after fermentation to produce a liquid and then dried to a granular fertilizer rich in macro and micronutrients, but low in chlorides and salt.


Because of the concentration of soluble extracts from these materials, it is a highly efficient organic fertilizer with a high percentage of protein-derived nitrogen with a release profile to combine fast action with sustained release. This organic fertilizer is included in the input for organic farming and is also Control Union and USDA certified.

40% liquid organic silicon product - IBC 1000 liters

Silicon liquid 40D is a liquid silicon product based on 40% silicon dioxide SiO2, with very small particles. In addition, due to their kinetics and pH-value, these particles do not have the affinity to couple together, as a result of which this liquid silicon product is very well absorbed by plants.


In addition, the readily absorbable hydrolyzed SiO2 solution also contains the silicon silicate (Si(OH)4) in the maximum amount of 3%. This is possible, among other things, because the hydrolysed product has a pH-value of around 3,5. This ensures that the directly absorbable form of silicic acid remains in solution. You then have a product with both the directly absorbable form Si(OH)4 silicic acid and a readily absorbable hydrolysed form of silicon SiO2.


The product is available in IBCs of 1000 liters.

Liquid humic acids and fulvic
A pure, liquid humus substrate with 20 percent humic acids. That’s HUMIZ, a product that allows a healthy soil and the beginning of a lush root growth.
The natural potassium fertilization with trace elements
Vinasse is a one hundred percent natural byproduct of the sugar industry. The product is created once sugar from the molasses is fermented into alcohol.
Vinasse is less viscous than molasses. Therefore it is easier to process in the winter.
Liquid potassium
Protamylasse is a thickened potato juice.  It is a thick (44% dry matter) and potassium rich liquid which is released during the production of potato starch from the potato plant.
Cane molasses as fertilizer. Boost for the soil.
Cane molasses are not only applicable as a sweetener for compound feed but are also suitable as fertilizer. The product stimulates microorganisms and minerals in the soil, such as carbon, sulfur, potassium and iron. 
Cocoa bean hulls or grinded cocoa shells
Cocoa shells are released when making chocolate. This product is considered as an ideal soil conditioner. Whole cocoa shells form a warm blanket on the ground wich makes the soil breathe again. We also supply ground cocoa shells to mix with other substrates.
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