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Potato protein

Highly digestible protein source with beneficial amino acids


Labelling Potato protein
Product form Solid
Crude protein 75-76%
Digestibility RE Good
Processability 92-95%
Potato protein is a high-quality and highly digestible protein source in the potato industry. After the extraction of starch from potatoes potato juice is left, in which proteins are dissolved. The proteins are extracted from the juice during thermal coagulation. During this process the juice is heated up so that the protein precipitates. After centrifugation and drying potato protein is created.

The features of potato protein

Potato protein is a high-quality protein source for animal feed. Potato protein has a high digestibility and a favorable amino acid pattern. Potato protein contains on average 70 to 76 percent crude protein. The digestibility of crude protein is very high, i.e. 92 to 95 percent.

Amino acid pattern potato protein better than soybean meal

Potato protein has a high-quality amino acid profile, in particular a high amount of lysine, methionine and cysteine. These amino acids also have a high digestibility. The amino acid levels and the digestibility of the amino acids are higher in potato protein than in soybean meal. The concentration of most of the amino acids is higer in potato protein than in fresh potatoes. This is because during the production of potato protein the non-protein N is removed, which is still present in fresh potatoes.

What product can potato protein replace

Potato protein is an easily digested protein that is used by the compound feed industry, particularly in the diet of piglets and broilers. Potato protein can even be used in calf milk as a partial replacement of skimmed milk powder. The petfood industry is a user of potato protein, for example in dietary food. Potato protein is considered to be a very suitable substitute for fishmeal and milk protein. The taste of the product is neutral, thus the feed intake is not affected.

Dosage of potato protein

The amount of potato protein which can be incorporated into the feed depends on the content of glycoalkaloids. There are several studies that advise a maximum interference percentage of 5 percent. When you use potato protein with a low content of glycoalkaloids, up to 8 percent can be incorporated into the feed.

Terms of delivery potato protein

- Sales based on price per ton;

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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