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Plant Stress

Plant Stress

Farmers and plant breeders always suffer from plant stress due to, among other things, the weather. It's either too hot, or too cold, or too wet, or too dry. But plant stress also occurs with the addition of fertilizers and / or pesticides. From this, plants can also get stress (literally). Their growth is slower and their yield is lower. Unlike humans and animals, plants can not protect themselves from the sun. The lack of water due to global warming is becoming a limiting factor in food production. If plants with an increased tolerance to water scarcity can be obtained, this has extremely important consequences worldwide.

Amino acids against plant stress

Amino acids are involved in every biochemical reaction that takes place in a living plant cell. They are the building blocks of all proteins and enzymes. Thus, they are crucial for the optimal functioning of the plant. The amino acid synthesis is not optimal when the plant is under stress (suboptimal conditions). This is at the expense of quality and growth of plants. By using amino acids before or during these circumstances, the harvest will be restored faster and the quality and production will remain at a high level.

Advantage of amino acids in plant stress

Amino acids promote, activate and chelate. Most importantly, they ensure that the production of protein by the plant is simplified. The energy saved by the plant can be used well in other processes. When there are stressful times, for example when spraying with fungicides and herbicides, drought, frost, etc., this simple protein production and energy saving are particularly desirable. When amino acids are used in plant stress, it provides faster elimination of stress, energy savings, and better protein production for better growth.

Benefits of our amino acids

  • Stimulator of plant growth - different amino acids act as stimulators of plant growth;
  • Increase immunity - they improve the resistance of plants to diseases and pests;
  • Chelation - Amino acids are natural, highly effective chelators;
  • Stress reduction - the harvest suffers less from the negative effects of stress due to energy savings;
  • Protein production - for the plant, amino acids are an effective, rapidly absorbed source of nitrogen (in terms of energy).

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