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Plant Based Nitro N13 fertilizer

NPK 13-1-2 - Vegetal organic fertilizer granule


Label Plant Based Nitro N13
Product form Solid / Granule +/- 3mm
NPK composition 13-1-2
Material Vegetable
Included in the Input list for organic farming? Yes, the Netherlands, Germany, InfoXgen and admitted in France
Other certifications Control Union,  USDA and an  International publication on www.inputs.bio
Packaging Big bags 1200 kg and/or bulk

Plant Based Nitro N13 is a nitrogen rich fertilizer derived from fermented molasses (vinasse) and has an NPK ratio of 13-1-2. The nitrogen-rich proteins are extracted after fermentation to produce a liquid and then dried to a granular fertilizer rich in macro and micronutrients, but low in chlorides and salt.


Because of the concentration of soluble extracts from these materials, it is a highly efficient organic fertilizer with a high percentage of protein-derived nitrogen with a release profile to combine fast action with sustained release. This organic fertilizer is included in the input for organic farming and is also Control Union and USDA certified.

Fast and slow-acting organic fertilizer

Due to its unique composition, this fertilizer has a working time of several weeks and contains a variation of slowly and quickly released nitrogen elements. Approximately 50% of the nitrogen (65 gr / kg) is released during the first 14 days. The remaining 50% is released more slowly and gives the plant a balanced fertilization for several weeks. Of course, this is highly dependent on weather influences and other external factors.


Plant Based Nitro N13 release profile

The release profile is the number of days the water needs to release nitrogen from the Plant Based Nitro N13.

The percentage of field capacity is the water requirement in mm once the granule has been absorbed into the soil and is measured when it releases the nitrogen into the water.


Advised dosage

  • Grassland - 200-300 kg/ha
  • Agriculture (maize/cereals) -250-350 kg/ha
  • Agriculture (root vegetables) - 400-550 kg/ha
  • Fruit trees - 275-425 kg/ha
  • Lettuce/vegetables - 100-200 kg/ha
  • Greenhouse vegetables - 50-250 kg/ha
  • Perennial crops - 200-400 kg/ha
  • Greenhouse (cut flowers, soil bound) - 80-100 gr/m2
  • Potting soil (mixing) - 1-3 kg/m3


Fertilizer charts

Direct links to the spreading tables of different spreading marks with the settings for the Plant Based Nitro N13






Nitrogen source as raw material

Producers of, for example, organic fertilizers, organic additives for mushroom cultivation, substrates and compost can also consider using this fertilizer granule as a raw material. Given the high percentage of nitrogen, this product offers an alternative to the known animal by-products. In addition, this product has good running properties (if dry). If you are interested, we can send you a “process safety report”, but one should also investigate oneself whether it is applicable within you production process.


Benefits of this organic fertilizer

  • Natural fertilizer granule which is allowed in the organic agriculture and horticulture;
  • High amount of nitrogen (13%) that has a fast and slow effect;
  • Contains low amounts of salt and chlorides;
  • Contains various trace-elements, enzymes and sugars for a healthy soil life.


Delivery, storage and packaging

  • Delivered in big bags and possibly bulk;
  • Keep the product dry, away from direct sunlight and frost-free;
  • This product is naturally hygroscopic, it must not get wet until it is in the soil/compost;
  • Wet material can clog machinery. Avoid areas with high humidity and keep the product out of the reach of children;
  • Sales based on price per ton and per full load;
  • Delivery takes place according to the general conditions of Dacam Fertilizers B.V.
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