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Plant Based Liquids

Liquid vegetable organic fertilizers


Label PB Liquids
Product form Liquid
NPK composition 4-2-8 / 5-2-5 / 7-2-3 / 8-3-1
Material Vegetable
Included in the Input list for organic farming? Yes, Netherlands and Germany
Other certifications Control Union,  USDA and the (8-3-1)  International publication on www.inputs.bio
Packaging IBCs - 1000 Liters

PB Liquids are liquid, vegetable, organic fertilizers that are permitted in organic agriculture and horticulture. The products are also Control Union and USDA certified and included in the Input list for organic farming by FiBL. The PB Liquids are available in the following compositions:


PB Liquid 4-2-8


PB Liquid 5-2-5


PB Liquid 7-2-3


PB Liquid 8-3-1



During the production of these organic fertilizers only vegetable liquid by-products are used, which are available from the food industry.


Because only vegetable raw materials are used, the PB Liquids contain a low salt and chloride content. In addition to the product-specific NPK values, these liquid organic fertilizers also contain a large amount of organic matter, sugars, micro and trace elements, which ensure a healthy soil life, a compact root system and stimulate the plants during the entire cultivation.


Benefits of PB Liquids

  • Permitted in organic agriculture and horticulture;
  • Are 100% vegetable;
  • Ensure a healthy soil life;
  • Well mixable with other fertilizers;
  • Suitable for irrigation.



  • Arable farming as foliar feed: 5-10 liters per hectare, biweekly;
  • Tree cultivation: 10-50 liters per hectare, three-weekly;
  • Greenhouse cultivation: 10-15 liters per hectare, weekly;
  • Horticulture: 25-50 liters per hectare, biweekly.


Delivery and storage

PB Liquids are available in IBCs. You can combine various compositions per full load per delivery. If you wish to receive partial loads, this is possible.

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