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Plant Based Liquid 8-3-1

Liquid organic fertilizer


Label PB Liquid 8-3-1
Product form Liquid
NPK composition 8-3-1
Material Vegetable
Included in the Input list for organic farming? Yes, Netherlands and Germany
Other certifications Control Union,  USDA 
Packaging IBCs

PB Liquid 8-3-1 is a liquid mixture based on vegetable proteins and amino-complexes (not sugar beet). In addition to the product-specific NPK values of 8% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium, this liquid organic fertilizer also contains a large amount of trace and micro elements, organic matter and sugars.

Liquid vegetable organic fertilizer (NPK ratio 8-3-1)

PB Liquid 8-3-1 contains a large amount of natural sugars derived from vegetable ingredients. The product has an effective period of about 3 weeks because it contains both fast and slowly released nitrogen elements.


Benefits of PB Liquid 8-3-1:

  • Ensures a healthy soil life;
  • Provides a compact root system;
  • Gives plants nutrition during the entire cultivation;
  • Is a natural product without preservatives;
  • Allowed in organic agriculture and horticulture (FiBL, Control Union, USDA);
  • Suitable as a leaf or soil application in arable farming and arboriculture;
  • Applicable by drip irrigation for (glass) horticulture;
  • Provides a high resistance to stress.



  • Akkerbouw als bladvoeding: 5-10 liter per hectare, tweewekelijks;
  • Glastuinbouw: 10-15 liter per hectare, wekelijks;
  • Tuinbouw: 25-50 liter per hectare, tweewekelijks;
  • Boomteelt: 10-50 liter per hectare, driewekelijks.


Delivery and storage of PB Liquid 8-3-1:

  • PB Liquid 8-3-1 is available in IBCs;
  • Keep PB Liquid 8-3-1 out of the reach of children and do not expose it to direct sunlight;
  • Analyses may vary slightly because organic materials are used;
  • Store PB Liquid 8-3-1 dry and frost-free.


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