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Pea protein

Protein source with high content of lysine


Labelling Pea protein
Product form Solid
Crude protein >75%
Processability Good
Pea protein is an ingredient that is released when starch is extracted from peas. The starchy part is used for human food, but a source of high-quality protein is released that contains a high amount of lysine. Once this flow has been stripped of the pea fiber, only the pure protein fraction remains: pea protein.

High proportion of crude protein in pea protein

Pea protein contains a high amount of crude protein. That is because the product has already undergone various operations in the plants. With a high amount of intestinal digestible lysine - the first limiting amino acid - this product is a valuable source of protein.

Independently conducted studies on pigs and broilers at the end of their feeding phase have proven that pea protein is highly digestible compared to other proteins. The nutritionist can achieve the desired amino acid content without affecting the increase of the amount of indigestible protein.

Pea protein stimulates animal health

Peas are a valued product in the French feed industry. 
In the Dutch feed industry the derived product pea protein is mainly used in feed for pigs, chickens and petfood. 

Normally there is a number of substances in peas that reduces the digestibility, such as phytate and protease inhibitors. However, the heat treatment ensures that these substances are no longer active, which makes the digestibility very high.

Good price/quality ratio for pea protein

A large part of the protein and amino acids from soybean meal, wheat gluten, or other costly protein-rich raw products is used in a variety of animal feed. Pea protein is an inexpensive substitute with more than 75% crude protein.

Terms of delivery pea protein

- Sales based on price per ton;

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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