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Native pea starch

Native pea starch for strength and binding


Native potato starch is extracted from potatoes. The starch is separated from the potato and dried to a powder of a light white color. The starch gives dogs and cats energy and provides strength in animal nutrition.

Native pea starch provides energy

Dogs eat a lot of carbohydrates, which are mainly consumed in the form of starch. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose, which is necessary for the dog’s body functions. For pregnant and lactating bitches, it is even more important that de diet provides a certain amount of carbohydrates. Native pea starch is therefore a raw material that is applicable on a large scale.

Why native starch from peas?

Native pea starch is also a natural en tasty carbohydrate which digests slowly. It is a healthy source of starch for pets and can be used as a partial or total replacement of soy, grain or other sources of starch. Just like native potato starch native pea starch provides a good binding power in the feed.

Increasingly popular source of starch

Native pea starch is becoming more and more popular in dog food, as more and more pet owners are getting rid of starch from grain, which would negatively affect the health of dogs and cats. Native pea starch is mainly used as a binder in dry dog food. The product also contains a number of healthy nutrients such as herbal proteins, which can be well absorbed by dogs and cats after processing.

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