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Farmer Syrup

Farmer Syrup is a high-quality feed material


Labelling Farmer Syrup
Product form Liquid - 55% dm
Dairy cattle 0.2 - 0.4 LTR/animal/day
Dry dairy – and beef cattle 0.2 – 0.4 LTR/animal/day
Calves (100-330 kg LG) 0.85 -0.25 LTR/animal/day
Shelf life 12 Months
Storage Cool and dry
Farmer Syrup is a high-quality feed material. The product is obtained during the production of fruit juice and pectins. It is a glycogenic feed material which can be used as a valuable supplementary feed product and preservative in cattle feed. It has a good taste and contains some malic acid for an optimal rumen effect.

Application of Farmer Syrup

It can be used as seasoning and intake enhancer in (unfolded) roughage and/or mixed rations, as a preservative and as a raw material for the compound feed industry.

Added value of Farmer Syrup:

  • High amount of sugars. In dry matter the sugar content is on average 57%;
  • Overwhelming taste due to the high amount of sugar consisting of both glucose and fructose. Fructose is 1,5% sweeter than glucose;
  • Farmer Syrup contains more fructose and less glucose than, for example, sugar beet molasses. Glucose is absorbed faster by the vascular system and will provide higher glycaemic values than fructose. To achieve a low glycaemic value in the feed it is therefore possible to opt for apple molasses instead of sugar beet or sugar cane molasses;
  • The low viscosity ensures that Famer Syrup can be easily pumped and divided in Total Mixed Rations;
  • Farmer Syrup contains malic acid. Malic acids stimulate the rumen bacteria of the cow. The most important is the Selenomonas ruminantium. This bacterium is capable of converting lactic acid into propionic acid. This conversion prevents the decrease of the pH value in the rumen of the cow and prevents rumen acidification. In addition to the property to prevent rumen acidity, malic acid has a positive effect on rumen and milk production;
  • A low potassium content. The amount of potassium is clearly lower than in cane or beet molasses or vinasse;
  • A low iron content. The amount of iron is clearly lower than in cane and beet molasses and vinasse.

Dosage of Farmer Syrup as a flavour enhancer:

  • Dairy cattle: 0,25-0,5 KG = 0,4 LTR/cow/day;
  • Dry dairy cattle– and beef cattle: 0,25-0,5 KG = 0,2-04 LTR/animal/day;
  • Calves: (100-330KG) 0,1-0,3KG=0,85-0,25LTR/animal/day.

Farmer Syrup delivery and storage:

  • 1000 kg PE Container (IBC) and bulk (from 5 tons);
  • Available through our national dealer network;
  • Storage: store the product at a moderate temperature below 35° Celsius and above 10° C in the closed, original packaging in a dry place out of direct sunlight;
  • Shelf life: 12 months insofar as the period of 24 months after the production date is not exceeded;
  • Availability: all year round;
  • Delivery according to the general terms and conditions of Dacam.
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