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Cocoa shells

Cocoa bean hulls or grinded cocoa shells


Labelling Cocoa Shells - Cocoa bean hulls
Product form whole cacao shells or grinded cocoa bean hulls
Protein 14,1%
Dry ingredient 88,2%
NPK 3 - 1 - 3 (Potassium up to 6)
Particularity Available as crushed and whole cocoa shells
Cocoa shells are released when making chocolate. This product is considered as an ideal soil conditioner. Whole cocoa shells form a warm blanket on the ground wich makes the soil breathe again. We also supply ground cocoa shells to mix with other substrates.

What is the function of cocoa shells

Cocoa shells are ideal as a natural ground cover and soil conditioner. This moisture regulating product has a proper fertilizing value, with an average value of 3-1-3 NPK, the content of potassium may go up to 6. Cocoa shells can absorb a lot of water, hold it for a while and then gradually release it to the ground. This prevents dehydration. The soil remains wet and nutritious for a longer periode of time because the water cannot evaporate under the cocoa shells. The cocoa shell contains a lot of food, which is released gradually. As a result plants have a longer period of power supply. And the good fungi that form itself on and under the shells are also nutrition for the plants. The special structure of the cocoa pods ensures that soil never needs to gasp for air again. The shells contribute to a lighter soil.

Cocoa shells are incorporated into the ground

A cocoa bean is an untreated naturally grown product. This means that the shell is a biological and organic decomposable product. Cocoa shells are not subject to the influences of the sun and do not discolour. Over time they are absorbed in a natural way into the soil.

Finely ground cocoa shells

Besides regular cocoa shells we also provide finely ground cocoa shells as a raw material. This is mixed with other substrates. Among other things you very often find the use of these cocoa shells as organic matter in mushroom cultivation. Recommended storage and handling: to avoid mold we advise to store cocoa pods dry and covered.

Cocoa; terms of delivery

- Available in two types: whole cocoa shells and granulated cocoa shells;

- Sales based on price per ton;

- In bulk, bulk delivered;

- Reduction per full load: ten tons of whole cocoa shells or 70 m3 of ground cocoa shells.

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