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Cane molasses

Cane molasses as fertilizer. Boost for the soil.


Labelling Cane molasses
Product form Liquid
N 0,7%
P 0,4%
K 3,7%
Sugar 47%
Dry ingredient 65% - 74%
Cane molasses are not only applicable as a sweetener for compound feed but are also suitable as fertilizer. The product stimulates microorganisms and minerals in the soil, such as carbon, sulfur, potassium and iron. 

What is the function of molasses

Cane molasses feed the soil effectively. More accurately, cane molasses are food for microorganisms and give the soil a boost. The sugars are consumed by the microorganisms during the activation process. In this way, the positive microorganisms are stimulated which creates a healthy balance in the soil. Lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, fungi and yeasts are a few of the positive microorganisms. Water and air are purified in the ground as soon as microorganisms start to multiply. The microorganisms then excrete large amounts of nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and organic acids. These nutrients stimulate the structure, the moisture, the quantity of microorganisms and the efficiency of the soil.

Cane molasses repel germs

The use of cane molasses may help in preventing the development of germs, which can harm plants, in addition to the improvement of the basic quality of the soil.

Fertilizing value of cane molasses

Cane molasses do not only help the progress of the ground with sugar. With 0,7 percent nitrogen, 0,4 percent to 3,7 percent phosphate and potassium they also have a good fertilizing value.

Cane molasses; terms of delivery

- Cane molasses are delivered in full tankers;

- Possible to fill cane molasses on location in IBCs or multiboxes;

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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