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Apple molasses

Overwhelming flavour


Labelling Apple Molasses
Product form Liquid
K An average of 10 g/kg DM
FE An average of 90 mg/kg DM
Malic acid >1,5%
Expiration date After 6 months
Storage Keep cool and dry
Apple molasses are a byproduct in the preparation of thick juice from apples. The dark brown liquid contains more fructose and less glucose than sugar beet or cane molasses. Another important benefit may be that the amount of iron and potassium is significantly lower in this product.

What do apple molasses do

Apple molasses are very useful as a replacement for cane molasses. The acids from the apple molasses stimulate the formation of beneficial bacteria in cattle. One of these bacteria is the Selenomonas ruminantium. This bacteria converts lactic acids into propionic acids. This prevents acidosis. Malic acids also stimulate the milk production and the functioning of the tripe. Apple molasses ensure a lower glycemic value in horse feed compared to cane or beet molasses. The acids of apple molasses have a positive effect on the intestinal flora.

Features of apple molasses

The low viscosity ensures that apple molasses can be easily pumped. The amount of iron and potassium is clearly lower than cane or beet molasses or vinasses.

The flavour of apple molasses

Apple molasses have an overwhelming taste. The presence of fructose and, to a lesser extent, of glucose is the reason for the flavour.

Storage instructions and the use of apple molasses

Apple molasses can be used until six months after the production date. The product must be kept cool and dry: between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius and 60 percent humidity.

Apple molasses; terms of delivery

-An average of 25 tons per transport;

-Possible to be filled in IBCs on location;

-Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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