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Amino Acids Liquid

Liquid amino acids - Biostimulant


Labeling Amino Acids Liquid
Product form Liquid
Based on Enzymatically hydrolyzed protein
Percentage L-a-amino acids Very high >15 - 20%
Solubility 100% water soluble
Application Foliar and soil
Application production Ingredient for liquid fertilizers or bio-stimulants
To make sure that all amino acids stay intact in their original source matter and L-form, we use enzymatic hydrolysis, because in chemical hydrolysis amino acids are being racemized and therefore phytotoxic and undesirable d-amino acids could arise. This kind of amino acids is not desirable in a final product. Our liquid amino acids are available as:
  • Amino Acids Complex ( final product) – more than 15% free amino acids and contains fulvic acids
  • Amino Acids Multi-Trace - contains trace elements and 9% free amino acids


Because the original source matter remains intact during enzymatic hydrolysis the amino acids do not loose their phytohormonal activity. This activity can be destroyed in other types of hydrolysis.


Because the amino acids are not being racemized in enzymatic hydrolysis, the free amino acids consist completely of L-a-amino acids that are biologically active. In acidic and alkaline hydrolysis the amino acids are being racemized and thus d-amino acids can be formed that can have a negative effect.


Amino Acids Liquid - enzymatic hydrolysis



Amino acids products can be applied on the following crops:  


  • Leafy vegetables;
  • Fruit vegetables;
  • Strawberries;
  • Stone fruit trees;
  • Pome trees;
  • Citrus trees;
  • Olive trees;
  • Vines;
  • Tropical fruit trees;
  • Industrial crops;
  • Field crops;
  • Corn;
  • Soybeans;
  • Sunflowers;
  • Wheat;
  • Lettuce;
  • Vegetables;
  • etc.


If you are in need of advice on the use of our amino acids products in the making of compositions, do not hesitate to contact us.



Amino Acids Complex consists of liquid amino acids in a complex combination. It is formed by L-a-amino acids and oligopeptides obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis. Amino Acids Complex has a dark colour and contains more than 15% plant extracts, free amino acids and fulvic acids. The amount of dry matter is higher than 35%.


Amino Acids Complex can be used directly on the soil or leaf or it can be apllied through an irrigation system.


What does Amino Acids Complex do:

  • It provides a higher quantity of chlorophyll and an increased photosynthesis activity;
  • It promotes a better efficiency of crop protection treatments;
  • It allows for a better fructification and fruit quality;
  • It promotes a faster recovery after critical conditions.


Packaging of Amino Acids Complex:

  • In 20 litre cans;
  • In 210 litre barrels;
  • In 1.000 litre IBC’s.


Application of Amino Acids Complex:

  • Leaf: 2 - 4 sprays van 2-3 ml/l or2-3 l/ha;
  • Crop protection: mix 0,5 l/ha per treatment with crop protection products.


Storage of Amino Acids Complex:

  • The product is stable during storage under normal conditions in the original and closed package;
  • The product in the state in which it is delivered is hazard-free concerning the transmission of pathogens;
  • Close package properly after use, store in a cool and frost-free place and avoid direct sunlight;
  • Shake well before using it.


Take a look at our other liquid amino acid products: Amino Acids Concentrate en Amino Acids Optimum.


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