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Amino Acids Complex

Amino acids with fulvic acids


Labeling Amino Acids Complex
Product form Liquid
Based on Enzymatically hydrolyzed protein
Percentage L-a-amino acids 15% free amino acids, fulvic acids and plant extracts
Solubility 100% water soluble
Application Final product. Leaf or soil application

Amino Acids Complex consists of L-a-amino acids with oligopeptides, obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis, plant extracts and fulvic acids. Amino Acids Complex contains more than 15% free amino acids. The amount of dry matter is higher than 35% and Amino Acids Complex has a dark colour. Amino Acids Complex also contains a large quantity of oligopeptides.


Amino Acids Complex has a low content of salt and chlorine, contains no d-amino acids and is 100% organic.


Amino Acids Complex can be sprayed directly on the leaves or can be applied by means of an irrigation system.


Besides Amino Acids Complex other liquid amino acids products can be delivered.

The benefits of Amino Acids Complex:

It increases the intake of nutrients and the use of mineral nutrients; It provides a higher amount of chlorophyll and a higher photosynthesis activity; It improves the efficiency of crop protection treatments; It provides a better fructification and a better fruit quality; This product promotes a quicker recovery after critical conditions.


Because Amino Acids Complex increases the effectivity of active substances in crop protection products and fertilizers, it is an ideal addition for these products. Amino Acids Complex doesn’t separate during mixing and doesn’t sag.


Amino Acids Complex packaging:

  • In 210 litre drums with 4 drums per pallet;
  • In 20 litre cans with 36 cans per pallet;
  • In 1.000 litre IBC’s.


Amino Acids Complex application:

  • 2 to 4 sprays of 2-3 ml/l or 2-3 l/ha.


Amino Acids Complex storage:

  • Close well after use, store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight;
  • Shake well before use;
  • In the original and closed package the product is stable in storage under normal conditions;
  • The product is hazard free concerning pathogens as long as it is stored in the original condition is which it is delivered.
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