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Amino Acids Basic Plus

Liquid product based on short chain peptides and L-a-amino acids


Labeling Amino Acids Basic Plus
Product form Liquid
Based on Short chain peptides and L-a-amino acids obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis
Percentage of free L-amino acids 17%
Solubility 100% water soluble
Application End product on leaf, soil or as an amplifier in liquid fertilizer and biostimulant formulations

Amino Acids Basic plus is a liquid product based on short-chain peptides and L-a-amino acids that form after enzymatic hydrolysis.

Amino Acids Basic plus is very suitable for use in liquid formulation because of its special qualities. Amino acids Basic plus can be used for all types of liquid fertilizer formulations and all types of crops.


Besides Amino Acids Basic Plus other liquid amino acids products can be delivered.


Advantages of Amino Acids Basic Plus


  • Increases resistance to plant stress;
  • Improves the operation of fertilization and protective treatments of plants;
  • Increases the amount of leaf green and photosynthetic activity;
  • Improves fruit set and fruit quality.


Packaging of Amino Acids Basic plus


  • In drums of 210 liters (4 drums per pallet);
  • In cans of 20 liters (36 cans per pallet;
  • In IBCs of 1,000 liters.


Dosage of Amino Acids Basic plus


  • Leaf application: 1-2 ml / l or 1-2 l / ha every 10 days and 2-4 times;
  • Soil / substrate dosage: 4-8 ml / l or 4-8 l / ha every 10 days and 4-5 times;
  • Liquid fertilizer formulations and biostimulus formulations: try to incorporate the product according to the above dosing recommendations.


When applying Amino Acids Basic plus


It is advisable to use Amino Acids Basic plus at times when the crop needs a physiological stimulus, such as for example:


  • Fruit development;
  • The beginning of the vegetative cycle of the plant as soon as there is sufficient leaf mass;
  • The phase of falling of petals and before flowering;
  • Lesser conditions, for example wind, cold, drought or the suffocation of the roots;
  • Treatments for the recovery of plants due to critical periods such as hail, wind and frost damage.



Storage and shelf life of Amino Acids Basic plus


  • Close up the packaging well after use, store in a frost-free area and avoid direct sunlight;
  • Shake well before use;
  • In the original and closed packaging, the quality of the product remains stable in storage at normal conditions;
  • The product is not a danger with regard to the transmission of pathogens, as long as it is in its original state in which it was delivered.
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