The natural potassium fertilization with trace elements


Labelling Vinasse
Product form Liquid
Legislation Nitrogen counts for 50 percent
Particularity Available for organic farming (vinase=vinadex)
Vinasse is a one hundred percent natural byproduct of the sugar industry. The product is created once sugar from the molasses is fermented into alcohol.
Vinasse is less viscous than molasses. Therefore it is easier to process in the winter.

What is the function of vinasse

Vinasse contains between 2.5 and 7 percent of organically bound nitrogen. The product is often used as biological autumn fertilizer. Vinasse can, just like inexpensive potassium, be used on all soil types. That is because the product is rich in potassium, sometimes the proportion is up to 25 percent. The animal feed industry uses the product as well, especially for the improvement of compound feed for cattle, pigs and poultry.

Different types of vinasse

We offer different types of vinasse in different compositions. One customer wants vinasse with a high potassium content, while colleagues are searching for vinasse with a higher nitrogen content. The biological Vinadax-vinasse is one type that we provide in Vinadax-vinasse. This product focuses on organic farming. Vinadax contains 4 percent nitrogen, and meets all requirements of the organic certifier SKAL.

Benefits of vinasse

Vinasse is classified under other organic fertilizers. That means that the product is outside the usage of 170 kg nitrogen from livestock manure. The amount of nitrogen counts for 50 percent and the amount of phosphate counts as 100 percent. Vinasse can be used on farmland throughout the whole year, except for periods of frost.

Vinasse; terms of delivery

- Vinasse is delivered in full tankers;

- It is possible to fill out vinasse on location in multiboxes;

- Sales based on price per ton;

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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