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Seaweed extract

Seaweed extract: Seaweeds grow in water contrary to plants, that grow on the land. That is the one and only difference. Just like in plants we find several useful substances in seaweeds. Seaweeds can be used as medicine or as food. But if you eat just plants, like for instance a vegetarian, there is a big possibility of developing a protein deficiency.


The ability to function and the growth of a human being will be inhibited and disturbed and the human being becomes less healthy. Protein deficiency is caused by the fact that plants contain a too low amount of amino acids and thus are unable to fully cover the protein requirements. This is also the case with seaweeds.


Seaweed extract relative to amino acids

Twenty standard N-containing amino acids form the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are amino acids that are linked together. The most important natural substances that plants, humans and animals need to function are sugars, fats and proteins. This makes for a clear and direct connection between the building of proteins, the availability of amino acids and the achievements of living organisms.


Humic acids or fulvic acids relative to seaweed extract

Humic acids and fulvic acids do not have a clear direct role in the functioning of humans, animals or plants, because they contains no amino acids or proteins. But these substances contain molecules that could be helpful in the improvement of the soil structure by means of micro-organisms or in the promotion of the intake and provision of food particles. This way humic and fulvic acids can be seen as useful substances concerning the functioning of plants, because they could be a catalyst for instance for administered amino acids.

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