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Liquid potassium


Labelling Protamylasse
Product form liquid
N 2,26%
Potassium 7%
CA 858 mg/kg ds
NPK 2 – 1,2 – 7
Recommended dose 3 ton p/ha
Protamylasse is a thickened potato juice.  It is a thick (44% dry matter) and potassium rich liquid which is released during the production of potato starch from the potato plant.

What is the function of protamylasse

Experiments at the Louis Bolk institute with different fertilizers show that protamylasse as fertilizer not only delivers much nitrogen, but also releases nitrogen rapidly. The nitrogen is available very quickly after fertilization, a lot faster than for example with organic fertilizers. The product contains more effective organic materials than slurry. Protamylasse is mainly used in potassium needing crops such as potatoes, cabbage, leeks, carrots and onions. Barley, wheat, corn and sugar beets thrive on protamylasse. The product is used on farmland and grassland as an inexpensive potassium fertilizer. In the production of biogas protamylasse is a prestigious co-product with a good balance between energy and protein. Protamylasse ensures a good balance in the nitrogen phosphate ratio of the digestate. The high potassium content makes the sale of the digestate more attractive for agriculture.

Benefits of protamylasse

Protamylasse is not part of the usage of nitrogen from animal manure. The product does count for the nitrogen application and phosphate application. The product can be used on the field throughout the year. The product can be administered by spraying, this way the land remains free of rutting and structure decay. Protamylasse is even allowed in organic farming.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage of protamylasse is three tons per hectare.

Protamylasse; terms of delivery

- In full cars;

- Possibility to fill out protamylasse on location in multiboxes;

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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