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Potato flakes

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Labeling Potato flakes
Product form Solid
Packaging Sacs en bigbags
Digestibility Easily digestible
Free flowing

Potato ingredients, such as potato flakes, native potato starch and potato protein, are becoming increasingly popular in petfood. These products are naturally extracted from by-products of potato processors.

Potato flakes in a recipe. Why?

When dogs only get meat to eat, nutritional deficiencies can arise. Potato flakes contain important minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These can strengthen the dog’s health and support important metabolic processes. This promotes health. Adding potato flakes in a recipe is also a smart choice.

Potato flakes: as a raw material in dog and cat food

Potato flakes are an easily digestible. This makes this product suitable for food-sensitive cats and dogs. For example, research has shown that this product works well in dogs and cats with food allergies, such as gluten-free vegetable supplements, in case of skin, stomach and intestinal complaints. This makes it a good alternative for grain products. Potato flakes are often also part of potato mixes.

Potato flakes promote digestion

Potato flakes are an easily digestible. Potato flakes are rich in ballast substances that ensure an optimal digestion.

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