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Pea outer fibers

Pea outer fibers


Labeling Pea outer fibers
Product form Powder
Characteristics Low in fat

When cleaning the peas the membranes and the skins are separated from the seed. These are the so-called outer fibers. They have been increasingly used in pet food in recent years as a luxury substitute of wheat, corn, soy or beet pulp.

What are the benefits of pea outer fibers?

Cats and dogs are increasingly suffering from obesity. Much fiber and little fat is the motto. If you compare pea outer fibers with other vegetable fibers, they feed approximately the same way. The advantage of pea outer fibers is that they contain very little fat: less than 0.25 percent. In addition, pea outer fibers contain many raw fibers: 35 to 40 percent. This makes pea outer fibers a very low calorie ingredient, perfect for use in low-fat diet food for pets. The soluble fibers ensure a good fermentation. This means that pets produce less gas than when other vegetable fibers are used. Whereas the aforementioned fiber sources are often seen as cheap fillers, it does not apply to pea outer fibers because of the near absence of calories.

What is the difference from normal pea fibers?

The pea outer fibers are different from ordinary pea fibers because they contain a higher concentration of dietary fiber: more than 85 percent. Moreover, they are rich in xylose sugar. What do pea outer fibers look like? Pea outer fibers are used as powder in pet food. It is a light-colored - white to cream - almost odorless powder and has a neutral taste. This means that the ingredient has no influence on the taste of the food.

How to use pea outer fibers?

Pea outer fibers can be mixed in both wet and dry pet food. In wet feeds it has a good binding force-like function.

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