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Humiz-humic acids

Liquid humic acids and fulvic


Labelling Humic
Product form Liquid
pH 8,0 - 8,2
Colour Black
Humic acids 20%
Specific weight 1020 Kg/m3
Storag Keep cool and dry
A pure, liquid humus substrate with 20 percent humic acids. That’s HUMIZ, a product that allows a healthy soil and the beginning of a lush root growth.

What is the function of humic acids?

Humiz consists of liquid humic and fulvic acids. These are tiny particles in humus. They take minerals and nutrients transported through the earth and transmit them to the soil. This ensures that humic acid improves the ground in various ways. There is more water available and the soil is lighter. That makes the absorption of mineral wealth more effective. There is less phosphate fixation thanks to humic and fulvic acids. As a result, more phosphate will be available for plants. The quality of plants, grass and crops improves: they are much more resilient. Both of these acids stimulate root growth, and thereby the absorption of nutrients. Practical tests show that the root growth of various crops, such as corn or wheat, increases enormously after administration of humic acids.

The colour of humic acids

The quality of humic acids can be measured. The darker the colour, the better the quality. Our humic acids are very dark in colour. The fact that HUMIZ is 100 percent soluble makes the humic acid unique. The pH value ranges from 8.0 to 8.2. Our product contains 20 percent humic acid extract, 3 percent humic acid and 17 percent fulvic acids.

Instructions for using humic acids

- Spraying on the soil;

- Administration by using irrigation;

- Improvement in substrates and soils.


Terms of delivery of humic acids and fulvic acids

- We deliver our humic acids as concentrates so you can mix them with water, pesticides or liquid fertilizers;

- Available in cans of 25 kilos, 200 kilo drums or IBC (1000 kilos);

- Delivery according to the general conditions of Dacam.

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