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BIO Calcigran -S fertilizer

Calcium carbonate with sulfur granulate


Element Typical value
Approved for organic farming Yes
CaO 42%
Ca 30%
S 14%
SO3 35%
H2O 1%

BIO Calcigan +S is a well-spreadable granulate of calcium carbonate, pure plaster and sulfur. BIO Calcigran +S is approved in organic farming and is packed in big bags of 600 kilos.

Granulate of calcium carbonate, pure plaster and sulfur

BIO Calcigan +S is easy to use with existing fertilizer spreaders as it is a hard granule The granule is made from finely ground, very pure plaster and calcium carbonate. It can be used as stand-alone fertilizer or mixed with other fertilizers. BIO Calcigran +S can be used regularly in small quantities, to replace the sulfur and the calcium that are removed during harvest time.

Why use BIO Calcigan +S?

  • BIO Calcigan +S is a good source of sulfur and calcium, which are essential elements for plant growth.
  • BIO Calcigran +S is approved by FibL/Skal for organic farming.
  • BIO Calcigan +S allows you to place the product accurately.
  • BIO Calcigan +S is easy to use with your own fertilizer spreader and allows a more flexible use.
  • BIO Calcigan +S is effective in precision farming and spot treatment.

Benefits of sulfur and calcium carbonate (BIO Calcigan +S)

  • Improved resistance to some plant diseases;
  • Improved absorption of nutrients in plants;
  • Reduced pH in sodium-containing soils;
  • Stabilized organic matter;
  • Source of sulfur for plant nutrition;
  • Better quality and shelf life of produced fruits;
  • Improved soil structure in sodium-containing soils;
  • Excess magnesium can be balanced;
  • Improves the calcium-sulfur nutrition of agricultural crops;
  • Improves the soil structure;
  • Decreases the sodium content in sodium-containing soils;
  • Makes excess magnesium non-toxic;
  • Improves the efficiency of water use;
  • Improves fruit quality.


  • Delivery in big bags of 600 kg and available per full load;
  • Sales based on price per ton;
  • Delivery takes place according to the general terms and conditions of Dacam.
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