About Dacam

Dacam is a trading company and commercial agent located in Almere.
We are specialized in high quality raw materials for compound feed, aquafeed industry and petfood manufacturers. We also provide fertilizer producers with special solid and liquid raw materials for the production of soil improvers and fertilizers.

Our solid and liquid specialities find their way throughout Europe. We believe it is important to maintain personal contact with our suppliers and customers. This personal approach allows us to come up with customized solutions.

Dacam stands for personal, available and reliable. Personal because we are constantly in touch with our customers and suppliers. Available because our products are available all year round. Reliable because all feed materials are produced by our trusted partners and are marketed under the QS certificate or GMP+ certificate.


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Amino Acids Liquid

1. Amino Acids Liquid

To make sure that all amino acids stay intact in their original source matter and L-form, we use enzymatic hydrolysis, because in chemical hydrolysis amino acids are being racemized and therefore phytotoxic and undesirable d-amino acids could arise.
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Amino Acids Complex

6. Amino Acids Complex

Amino Acids Complex has a low content of salt and chlorine, contains no d-amino acids and is 100% organic. Amino Acids Complex can be sprayed directly on the leaves or can be applied by means of an irrigation system.
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Plant Based Nitro N13 fertilizer

2. Plant Based Nitro N13 fertilizer

Plant Based Nitro N13 is a nitrogen rich fertilizer derived from fermented molasses (vinasse) and has an NPK ratio of 13-1-2 and is Vegan certified.
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Amino Acids Basic Plus

7. Amino Acids Basic Plus

Amino Acids Basic plus is very suitable for use in liquid formulation because of its special qualities. It can be used for all types of liquid fertilizer formulations and all types of crops.
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Potato protein

3. Potato protein

Potato protein is a high-quality and highly digestible protein source in the potato industry. After the extraction of starch from potatoes potato juice is left, in which proteins are dissolved.
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Native potato starch

8. Native potato starch

Native potato starch is mainly starch. In contrast to corn starch and wheat starch, the product hardly contains protein or fat. This makes it especially attractive for use in dietary food.
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Pea protein

4. Pea protein

Pea protein is an ingredient that is released when starch is extracted from peas. The starchy part is used for human food, but a source of high-quality protein is released that contains a high amount of lysine.
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Native pea starch

9. Native pea starch

Native pea starch is a healthy source of starch for pets and can be used as a partial or total replacement of soy, grain or other sources of starch. Just like native potato starch native pea starch provides a good binding power in the feed.
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Plant Based Liquid 8-3-1

5. Plant Based Liquid 8-3-1

PB Liquid 8-3-1 is a liquid mixture based on vegetable proteins and amino-complexes (not sugar beet)and Vegan certified.
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10. Silicon-liquid-D40

This silicon product Sliquid 40D is based on 40% silicon dioxide SiO2, with very small particles.
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